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Hello Cupcee'z Cupcakes Lovers and Friends.  We want to let you know that we have moved to Raleigh, North Carolina.  Cupcee'z is working on shipping our product, so please be patient during this relocation period.  Your support is greatly appreciated.


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Cupcee'z Cupcakes

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The cupcake business demands a constant influx of fresh ideas mixed with gourmet experience to keep the most demanding customers satisfied. Let Cupcee'z Cupcakes be your partner as you entertain your guests. We can satisfy your gourmet demands with our years of experience. 


Cupcee'z is more than a desert treat, tease, or snack, Its complete gratification. It's not your average tinny weenie classic cupcake, it overflows from the tea cup with abundance and whopping flavor.At Cupcee'z Cupcakes, our expertise is based on quality and experience.  We have many satisfied customers with both classical taste as well as wide range of trendy new specialties

Specializing in baking the best quality cupcakes made from scratch.  Using fresh ingredients in more than 36 gourmet flavors to tantailize the appetite.  Offering jumbo cupcakes baked fresh daily to ensure best quality product. 

Something more than the mundane yellow and white cupcake.  Heavenly creations that inspire Sweet Potato Pecan Pie, Banana Pudding, German Chocolate, Apple Pie, Cookie Dough, Red Velvet Cupcakes and many more. Creating new flavors that give rise to the taste buds. 

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We pride ourselves on creating quality cupcakes.  At Cupcee'z Cupcakes, you can always expect delicious and healthy catering options.  We use fresh ingredients in every cupcake for the best taste.


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Whether its a classic favorite or a trendy new culinary cupcake that you crave, you'll always find a wide variety of tasty delights at Cupcee'z Cupcakes.

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